You Should Switch to GNU/Linux

It is important to have an operating system that you enjoy using. It should be able to do everything you need it to do without causing any distractions. Chances are, you are probably using Microsoft Windows, or Apple’s OS X. These operating systems have dominated the commercial market and are pre-shipped with pretty much any PC you will buy in a store. It is easy to continue using these operating systems simply because you are familiar with it and you know what to expect....

<span title='2022-05-14 15:02:30 -0400 EDT'>May 14, 2022</span>

Twitter's Powerful API - Too Powerful?

Twitter has been a recent topic of controversial discussion. With Elon Musk’s offer to buy the platform being accepted by the board of directors, it has left many Twitter users waiting on the edge of their seats, whether in a good or bad way. This is not what we will be talking about today though. Unrelated to this recent debacle, Twitter has undergone some other major changes to their platform. More specifically, I am referring to the new Twitter API… coined as ‘Twitter API V2’....

<span title='2022-05-03 00:00:00 +0000 UTC'>May 3, 2022</span>

Welcome to The World of Blogging

Blogs are Undervalued Having a personal blog has always been nonessential in my mind. In fact, I’ve never really had any interest in reading blogs at all. Sure, I’ve read blog posts… but I’ve never read a certain particular blog for any good reason. It wasn’t until recently I began to realize how often I do use blogs just from even simple Google searches asking “how to thaw fish?” I became aware that the internet would be an incredibly boring place without blogs....

<span title='2022-04-21 00:00:00 +0000 UTC'>April 21, 2022</span>